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Welcome all those who are Inked and knotty!

I’ll start with an introduction. I’m Ashley Caudill, Licensed Massage Therapist, CoOwner of Paradox Massage, Tattoo and Piercing in Thomaston, Ga and those are just my day job titles. I wear many hats and I don’t get to speak on this type of a personal level through social media. It’s just not the place for that, ya know.

In my life outside of my dream, aka our studio, I’m a homeschooling Mom of 4, a DDA member in Thomaston, Ga, a daughter to a cranky old veteran, a homesick hillbilly and an advocate for mental illness. My own personal brand of spicy brain is ADHD. I speak openly about it and how its effected my practice and business. Now, you may be thinking, why is this girl giving us all the details of her life here. Because to understand how I got here, you have to know where I’m coming from. (And I’m not modest about my ability to massage. I’m damn good. 😉)

My dream for massaging started out in the hills of East Ky. My hometown was wrecked by opioids. Big Pharma used my area as a testing ground for some big bad pain medications. Then incentivized them for the medical community there prescribing them. All of this is a quick google search to verify. Our area just won a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical companies for the ”damage“. We lost entire generations of people to that mess. There’s not enough money to fix that, in my opinion.

Watching my community, friends and loved ones get ravaged in the pursuit of pain relief sparked a desire to learn how to combat it. That’s when I fell in love with massage and it’s ability to relieve pain without narcotics and without surgery.

I spent years in scrubs, working alongside doctors in various settings. Asking questions, mostly listening and absorbing. I started to notice that in those clinical settings, I wasn’t reaching the people that sparked my passion. My blue collar workers, my young people who lacked insurance, the type of folks that have no desire to go to a spa let alone take time off work during the day to come to a doctors office for a massage.

Fast forward a few years. I’m sitting in rocking chairs in my dining room with my best friend, Jack, drinking some chocolate wine and comparing our industries. He’d been tattooing for over a decade at the time. We both see clients who are dealing with trauma, trying to build confidence and bot industries are incredibly therapeutic. Massage, Tattoo and Piercing all release endorphins.

Paradox was born right there.

Massage and body art are the perfect example of a Paradox. At first thought, they don’t go together at all. Once you really examine them and their individual aspects their similarities become increasingly more obvious… they absolutely do go together!

If you think we’re crazy, well, our friends and colleagues did too. It’s been 5 years though and we’ve no plan to close up shop.

The mindset when I started Paradox was that I’d work different hours than what’s typical in my industry. Being available evenings and weekends. I eventually found that jeans and band tees are more approachable than scrubs or professional wear. (Although it took me a couple years 🤣)

Being in a tattoo studio didn’t make me seem like a special spa treatment or a doctors visit. Even though I spoil my clients like a 5 star spa. It made space for informal and comfort. A come as you are, if you will.

People could get to know me while getting tattooed. They can ask questions about massage and it’s benefits in a less clinical setting. Suddenly, I’m right there with the demographic I’m passionate about. The hard workers.

The boot wearers, the scrub wearers, the body builders, the artists, the small business owners with odd hours, the young ones with no insurance, the veterans. The people I feel called to work on. My kind of people.❤️

Jacks clientele quickly opened up as well but that’s not my perspective to speak on.

That brings us to the here and now. To this blog. Here you will find all things Massage, Tattoo, Piercing, wellness and life related. I’ll be typing the way I talk. I want this to truly feel like you’re talking to me. So, read it with an Appalachian twang and an air of sass and it will hit just right. As I tell my clients, I’m not the Massage Therapist for everyone… but if I’m for you, you’ll leave here knowing. I feel that’s true for this blog. It may not be for you and that’s OK. (Im assertive and I cuss a little bit but my hearts good😉)

If it is, though, it’s about to get REAL!

Welcome, my Inked and Knotty loves,

Ashley Caudill

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